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Whats on Sojourn Press This Week! 5/28-6/2

Hope everyone is having a fun on memorial day in the states.  The guys at Sojourn Press are getting ready for some sweet summer gaming.   Caleb’s theme this week is all how to split the party without killing the party. This week Keith will be posting about a Faction for you to use in your games “The Grim Vow”

Keep on rolling!


Whats Coming up this Week 5/13-5/19

Hello once again, Keith here giving you a preview of what to expect this week on the Sojourn Press.

  • 5/15/2012 a player article “Character is plot story is king” by Caleb
  • 5/16/2012 Carl releases part 2 of “Building a better Gm”  discussing using experence
  • 5/17/2012 Caleb is posting “Crowds and Mobs”
  • 5/18/2012  “Using board games and card games for RPGs” By keith
  • 5/19/2012  Carl is going to be posting “How to guide players without railroading”

This Weeks favorite RPG video of the Week

The Dungeons and Dragon scenes from the last episode of Freaks and Geeks are some of the best representations of table top games on television. Gaming for many years has had a bad reputation. Many times getting it confused with larping, “You nerds dress up right?”  In the last 10 years role-playing games have a better media presence.  Another positive representation is  the dungeons and dragons episode of Community. In the episode  the characters do no dress up and they actually don’t try to represent the game world.  Leaving the setting to be created by the imagination of the viewer.

What are some of your favorite references to Rpg’s in popular culture?


Whats Coming up this Week 5/6-5/12

Hey guys, Keith here just giving you a heads up on what is coming out this week here at the Blog.

Caleb T. Gordon has an article on playing pranks on party members on Tuesday may 8th. He talks about how to pull it off with hope of having fun without encouraging party strife. Caleb also has a more crunchy post about house rules he has come up with for magic item creation coming out on Thursday.

My second post this week will be talking about a Savage Worlds game I ran at Fear The Con 5, and the the obstacles I had to overcome since I never played in a Savage Worlds game before.

Also a new Kicked in the dice bags: Players Edition episode should be dropping  on the 9th which will feature an true round table chat about the Fear The Boot community and the extravaganza that is Fear The Con!

My favorite gaming related Youtube video of the week is the new web series featuring  Wil Wheaton and various nerd culture all stars playing table top games. It has excellent production quality and great commentary. This show should be a fan of everyone that is into table top games.