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Adding RPG Components to Other Games

Recently on my trip to Fear the Con Five I got the opportunity to play a wide variety of role-playing game. One of the games that was heavily featured was called Dread. Dread is a system that substitutes traditional dice mechanics for a Jenga Tower. Players make actions and the GM determines the difficulty of the action for player and has them make 1 or more pulls depending on the difficulty. What this does is it separates the normal chance mechanics of dice to building up a feeling of tension. The system was originality created to be used for horror games, but Dread has been modified for different themes. Lucid is a dread variant used for the setting of the movie Inception. Created by my good friend and fellow Kicked in the Dice Bags host Chad. These mechanics from board games had me wondering, what other board games could I base an RPG around.

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Con Gaming

In of all the years that I have been playing table top games, I have never gotten the opportunity to  go to a gaming convention until last weekend.  This past weekend I flew out to St. Luis Missouri to take part of Fear the Con. A convention put on by the rpg podcast Fear the Boot. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited to finally meet the other hosts of my podcast, Kicked in the Dicebags, in person for the first time.  The video above is a sample of what we recorded after the first night of the convention.

Getting to the con was a little crazy since I had to pack audio equipment and gear I needed to run my Savage Worlds Mass Effect game. TSA must have been really confused when they searched my bag in the airport, finding a laptop, microphones, mic stands, crayons, poker chips and plastic army men.

The nice thing about a convention centered around RPG’s and a podcast is that most people at the con have two things in common.  One is a passion for tabletop gaming and second is their enjoyment of Fear the Boot. Which makes the bonds between the con goers that much stronger.  People were very friendly to me, even though I don’t post much on the forums, and people would come up to me and introduce themselves. A few even recognized my name from Kicked in the Dice Bags. One of the more peculiar aspects of fear the con is there is not a large local focus for Fear the Boot.  There are large board gaming conventions in the area, yet fear the con has participants that travel across the country and even internationally.  Chad has tried to promote locally to expand the con, but in the end we both agreed that keeping the con at its current size keeps the cons intimate feel. Large cons like GenCon and PAX, while they have bigger numbers, they lack the strong community that Fear the con has.

Electronic Battle Maps

Yeah, I know this is a thing that has been going on in the world of tabletop.  Recently one of my fellow players in our game group was able to  acquire  40 inch LCD TV from her work.  Last night was our first session with the new device and it was damn near perfect.  We are a fairly tech savvy group, our DM uses an Ipad and a laptop and many of the other players use smart phones. Electronics are getting more prevalent in our hobby, it’s really just a natural evolution of  the medium.  As you can see from this chart I just happen to have laying about.

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