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Crowds and Mobs

One challenge I have had as a Game Master in the past is how to handle dense crowds or mobs in the game. The idea that people stick to the one person per five foot square in a mob just doesn’t work for more then one reason. There is also a serious slow down of the game when you have to run more then 6 creatures in an encounter. Lastly, the creatures that you want to use in mobs are just too weak to run as individuals in a mob and end up being killed quickly before they even have a chance to deal any damage.

This is more of a workshop article then a clear cut house rule post. I haven’t yet decided how to handle this but I wanted to walk through the process in a blog post so that GMs could see how I write my stuff. In the end I will conclude how I will handle mobs, but I also encourage people to take what is found here to come up with their own rules. Read More…