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RPG Superstar 2015

It has taken me this long to find the time to write about it, but I made it into the top 32 of RPG Superstar!

I had planned on looking over, editing, and posting the next part of my faith and fantasy series last week but when I had the time to do so I found out that I had made it into round 2 of the contest. This meant that I needed to draw a map, read up on the rules, and study monster design. Clearly I can’t talk about my map, or what I plan for the monster round, as doing either will disqualify me.

I can say that I was very surprised and elated to make it this far. After I submitted my item I found all of the problems with it that people ended up pointing out, and I did not have the confidence that it would make it. But it did and I think I know why. What it lacked in clean and imaginative mechanics it more than made up for in good descriptive text. Which tells me that I need to work on my mechanics and keep my creative descriptions sharp. 

Thank you to everyone who voted for me. Having been entering RPG Superstar for the last four years I know just how fortunate I am to have made it this far. It was a tough year for voting, mostly because of the change in what items could be submitted, but also because we had a stronger pool of talent enter. To be told that I deserve this honor really lifted my spirits and confidence.

I will try and return to the series I started here. I have had some time to do a bit more research and I have to admit that I am wrong in a few areas. For example, Paizo may still have a top down view on religions but their articles are a great deal more helpful than I had remembered them being. I will come back to elaborate another time, hopefully in the next week, but for now I need to brush up on what makes a great monster.

Once more, thank you.