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The Cube Collector

Raging Swan had an open call recently, and I entered it. Unfortunately I missed a line in the guidelines that disqualified me, but I was told it was a very good encounter other than the one detail I overlooked. Here it is for your gaming pleasure.

The Ooze Collector (EL 8; XP 4,800)

The side trail in the mountains is rarely travelled and leads to an abandoned quarry tucked away far out of sight of the main mountain roads. Much of it has been eroded away and reclaimed, but a square pit remains. On the far side is a small hut, smoke curling from a small hole in the ceiling.

The quarry was abandoned before a great deal of stone was pulled out. There is still a single pit, but it is very well maintained and kept drained. The pit is twenty feet deep, roughly a hundred feet long and eighty wide. There are several large stone blocks still in the pit, each a different size and shape, arranged in a purposeful manner. Read More…