I Guess I Need To Update

So it has been a while since updating, but it has been a tough year. That said, there have been a few cool things. I have been doing some blog posts for Kobold Press, have an article in Open Gaming Monthly about drawbacks, and have been working at getting a degree in Englinsh and Editing so I can find a job writing.

If you have been reading stuff here, I will try to post something for you. I have been playing more board games, so possibly adding in reviews for different games would be a good idea.


Any suggestions?


About TCHubler

Growing up, I have always had an active imagination and a desire to create fantasy worlds. When I was 12, I found my opportunity in a local game store when I bought one of the last AD&D box sets to ever be released. My brother and I took it home and soon I was sharing my new found hobby with friends. From there it has been journey of imagination and creation as I either ran a game or played one. Most of my games have completely self written, and by the time I became hooked on the Pathfinder RPG I was writing rules material for my games.

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