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Sneak Peak: Bicycle

We have been working on a collection of vehicles for a few months now and have some great examples of our work. While we are not sure yet when the full collection will be finished, we are just too excited to wait.

So here is the smallest vehicle we created, the bicycle. We ended up cutting it because we had too many land vehicles but we still wanted to let people see it. Without further ado, here it is!



Medium land vehicle

Squares 1 (5 ft. by 5 ft.); Cost 20 gp


AC 10; Hardness 5

hp 15 (7)

Base Save +0


Maximum Speed  twice the speed of the rider ; Acceleration speed of the rider

CMB +0; CMD 10

Ramming Damage none

Bicycles are made up of a thin frame and two wheels. The rider straddles the frame and steers with a handle bar that rotates the front wheel. The rear wheel is turned with the help of foot peddles, chain, and a gear. The bike is designed for one rider only, and riding with a passenger is very dangerous. The max speed doubles if riding down a hill and halves when moving up a hill.

Propulsion muscle (the rider)

Driving Check Acrobatics

Driving Device handle bar

Driving Space the entire bicycle


Keepers of Balance, The Grim Vow

I have been playing quite a bit of Diablo 3. The class that I am playing the most is the Monk class. Monks have been a very decisive class in D&D/Pathfinder. When anyone plays a monk, they want to play a Shaolin or wire-fu monk. But with some re-flavoring you can make a monk that better fits the medieval fantasy view that fits most settings. The purpose of making these factions for Gm’s as a source of NPC’s and new backgrounds for players to pull inspiration from. Factions I tend to create are left purposely open to work with any setting and allow the dm or player to embellish with their own flavor or taste Read More…