Electronic Battle Maps

Yeah, I know this is a thing that has been going on in the world of tabletop.  Recently one of my fellow players in our game group was able to  acquire  40 inch LCD TV from her work.  Last night was our first session with the new device and it was damn near perfect.  We are a fairly tech savvy group, our DM uses an Ipad and a laptop and many of the other players use smart phones. Electronics are getting more prevalent in our hobby, it’s really just a natural evolution of  the medium.  As you can see from this chart I just happen to have laying about.

A fair amount of gadget geeks are also table top games. Gadgets have the ability to make things easier.  But It can be a curse top. Ever since I’ve been using computer programs to help me make characters  I find making characters without them a giant hassle.  I personally feel that these advancements are good for the hobby as a whole.  Hobbies/businesses/individuals/animals in order to survive need to adapt to their surroundings to be relevant. The ones that don’t  die out. It’s just the way the world runs.  The video bellow was a demo for microsoft surface at pax in 2010. I know it’s a little dated  but this is the video that got me fascinated with electronic battlemaps.


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